Our Father-Tony Fadell

Interesting article in the Sunday Times today about Tony Fadell, Nest and the Google.

“I’ve helped to change the world twice with the iPod and the iPhone. I want the chance to do it a third time,” he says.

Not sure Sir Jonny would say he has helped changed the world twice.

And on the amount of sales of Nests…
“Unlike other companies that have been purchased for big, big sums, we have real revenues.” How much? “We’re not saying. But we have sold a lot more than people think.”

On Data…
“Nest data is your data and it is going to be used only to improve the products and services that you buy from us. It is not going to waltz on over to some other place without you knowing. That was very clear when we were doing this deal.” To reinforce the separation between Nest and Google, Nest is not moving into Google’s Mountain View campus.

So the data is ours and Google has no interest in it. Oh maybe I’m just being cynical as Google aren’t the evil company are they?

On the next 5-10 years…
“I don’t know what Apple is working on. When I looked at the technology we are going to need 5-10 years from now, who has that and who is building it, it is Google.”

Maybe that is because Google release everything whether it is ready or not for a long term beta (thinking creepy broken Glass)
Apple spends years working on things before bringing it to market when it is the right time both for Apple and it’s customers. Surely Fadell knows this from his iPod and iPhone days. Apple are not twiddling their thumbs. The magic of Apple is they release something we never knew we needed or wanted and then when they do we wonder how we could live without it let alone how we missed something so obvious.

And on the Google Acquisition
“This was not a financially driven transaction. When you marry for money, it almost never works. We both believe we have something special and we know what it takes to make it happen around the world.”

One final nugget. What smartphone does Tony Fadell use? Nexus 5, Samsung S4? Looks like he hasn’t made the switch to Google completely…

He pulls out his iPhone. “Let’s go to my home. I’ll show you,” he says, tapping the Nest app. Up come images of the thermostats in all the rooms in his home, including the one he and his wife Danielle’s one-month-old daughter sleeps in.

Am a big fan of Fadell but not on his recent marriage to Google. I want Google out of my home as much as possible not in it.


The entire interview with Fadell is available in today’s Sunday Times or online for subscribers to the paper.

9 thoughts on “Our Father-Tony Fadell

  1. “Not sure Sir Jonny would say he has helped changed the world twice.”
    Why not? I don’t think anyone is disputing Fadell’s role. We don’t need to rewrite history just because the guy is working for Google now. I understand that we all dislike Google, but I don’t think we should stoop to revisionism just to validate our predetermined conclusions about the company and its employees.

    1. I don’t think Sir Jony has a big enough ego to say that even if he feels it. I also think to say that Google is ahead by 5-10 years of Apple or anyone is arrogant too. I would have thought he could have shown a bit more respect to his old employer particularly after selling out to their fiercest rival. Just my thoughts.

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