Apple Pay Launch

There has been a lot of heated debate this morning regarding HSBC and it’s parent company First Direct (whom I bank with) not launching today with Apple Pay in the UK.

I have a couple of points.

Firstly, when Apple Pay for the UK was announced at WWDC in June, HSBC & First Direct were said to be launch partners by Jennifer Bailey (Vice President of Apple Pay). She also said that the first wave of banks adopting Apple Pay would be in July. We are only half way through July and HSBC are still on course to launch this month, as are First Direct according to their comments on Twitter.

Secondly, Apple Pay is lauded to be the most secure form of Contactless Payment. Apple is sometimes not the quickest company to launch a product or service but generally waits until everything is in place to provide a great experience for its users. I would rather my both Apple and my bank wait until everything is in place to work seamlessly and securely with Apple Pay.

While I do think that the original plan was to have all the launch banks on board from day one, I think I have the patience to wait a couple more weeks.