casper apk download

Casper APK Download Free For Android

Casper APK Free Download

Snapchat has become popular with its features and functions. Casper Apk is the alternative application for this Snapchat. Unlike the Snapchat App Casper helps you in saving others Snaps without them knowing about it. In Snapchat when you take a screenshot of someone’s picture, it informs them. But with Casper application, you don’t have that problem.  Casper Apk has come up with another important feature which let you forward stories of your app to other Snapchat users. If you like any of the pictures sent by your friend you can send it to another friend with the forward feature of Casper. You can add stickers to make the picture look more interesting. Casper offers filters to give a new touch to your photographs.  

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casper apk download

To starting Casper application you have to log in with your Snapchat account for your identification. Additional to it, you also have to give your Google id. It is recommended by the Casper developers to log in through the Google id which you do not use normally. Casper application is fun and interesting. This App is the best alternative to the Snapchat application with its useful additional features. You may not replicate whole Snapshot application with its inferior but the feature of saving other’s snaps makes it too interesting. Casper application gives you functionalities take snaps, send snaps, save snaps and much more. we have listed the functionalities and features of Casper application below.

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Features of Casper App

1.Saving snaps secretly

In the Casper application, you can save other snaps secretly without informing them. You can get their photos like a ghost.

2.Forwarding received snaps

Casper application gives you the privilege to forward snaps you received from your friend. You can share these received photos with others using this forwarding feature.

3.Using filters

Casper Apk provides different filters to give new look to your photos. You can apply this variety of filters and can experience a totally new photo like a professional photographer.

4.Additional slide filters

Slide filters of Casper application can be used to make your gallery photos look more professional. These slide filters can make you a professional photographer. Slide filters are same as GioFilters. This lets you create and use your own filters to edit your media.

5.Stickers to enhance photos

You can enhance the beauty of your photos with the stickers offered by Casper App. Stickers consist of Emoji and thousands of other stickers which can be used to stick on your photos.

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Download and install Casper App

It is very easy to get Casper application in your android device. It is to be noticed that Casper application is not affiliated Snapchat application. With the installation, you agree to all the terms and conditions of Casper application click on the link below to start downloading of Casper Apk. After downloading Casper Apk go to downloads folder of your device and tap on the downloaded file to open it. Tap on the install button which will automatically start the installation process. Casper App is ready to use. Launch the Casper App and log in with your Snapchat and Google account to start enjoying it.