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ePSXe APK Free Download For Android and PC [Latest Version]

ePSXe APK: Enjoy PlayStation on your Android device

What is an ePSXe APK?

ePSXe APK is a PlayStation emulator for PlayStation 1 and PSX games on Android. In simple words, it is an app that enables you to play PlayStation one games on your Android device. The PC version of this application was tremendously successful, and the Android version is just a port of it.

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ePSXe apk
ePSXe APK features

ePSXe is loaded with many dynamic features that make it the best Android PlayStation emulator. Some of them are as follows.
• It supports OpenGL HD graphics which is powered by Peopsxgl Plugins.
• It supports landscape mode, portrait mode, and full-screen modes.
• It supports all PSX audio effects and all sound modes accurately.
• It supports 1-4 players with split screen mode for two player option.
• It provides support for virtual touchscreen pad and analog sticks.
• Moreover, it is also compatible with cheat codes, save states and Memory cards that give you an uncompromised experience of PlayStation on Android device.

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Minimum requirements for running this app
As it’s a heavy gaming app, hence it requires a decent configuration for executing this application. Here is the configuration required for running this app.
• Must be Android 2.2 and up
• At least 800MHZ CPU or higher
• More than 256MB RAM
• External gamepad or HW keys or support for multi-touch screen
Though these are the minimum requirements for running the app, the more you have, the better this application will run.

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Ready for the PlayStation fun? Here is how to Download ePSXe APK

On the Google store, you will have to pay approximately Rs.209 for downloading this app, but here we are sharing the free version of ePSXe with instructions for running games. Though various websites are offering the free download as we are continuously updating the application here, so you will get only the latest version of ePSXe APK. You can download the latest version of the ePSXe application via the link below.

Setting up the emulator:
Installation of the ePSXe app is similar to other apps, but you might have a hard time in configuring and running it. Hence in this section, we will show you how to configure and run this app.
1. It starts with configuring the PSX Bios (SCPH1001 or SCPH7502) file
• In the beginning, you need a PSX Bios file for running the app. It is a 512kb file and named as “SCPH1001.bin” or “SCPH7502.bin” file. You can easily download them over the internet via Google search.
• Download and extract the files there after click on “Run Bios” option.
• Though the ePSXe will auto scan the memory and set up the path in preferences, but in case if it fails then you have to configure it by clicking on “Preferences” > “Bios” and after that select the path of the Bios on your SD card.

2. Running PSX games
Running games on PSX is a cake walk. The steps to run games are as follows
• After opening the app, click and browse the memory card folder for the location of your dumped PSX games.
• After that click on “Run game” option and enjoy the game
ePSXe scans the memory card for game locations. Afterward, it creates a list of all the games; you are having on your SD card so that you don’t have to always configure the path. You can easily open the app and enjoy the PlayStation games.