Firestarter APK

FireStarter APK Download For Android and PC

FireStarter APK Download

Amazon has offered Fire TV for its users. The Fire TV interface is not up to the expectation as it lacks its easy access. The user cannot create the shortcut for Kodi on the home screen. With this issue, Fire TV is not convenient to use. It also has the problem of opening side loaded apps. The user has to face problems while opening this side-loaded application. If the user wants to perform these actions, he has to open the settings of the application. Through these settings, the user can manage the apps installed on the device to start Kodi. So to ease this use, you need an alternative application which can work as a Fire TV launcher. If you don’t want to root your device, this Firestarter APK is for you. So you don’t have to lose the warranty of your device.

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Firestarter APK
FireStarter APK is the alternative launcher application for Amazon Fire TV. It must be noted that the Amazon blacklists this FireStarter APK. With this restriction, FireStarter APK may not work properly to serve your purpose. You can use the clone of this app which gives a bypass for this blacklist. It has numerous features like clicks detection on the real home button. It can be completely configured for the actions like single click on home button, double click on home button, startup, etc. when the home button on the FireStarter app is clicked, it displays all the side loaded applications through an app drawer.

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Features you get with the FireStarter APK

• You can sort the apps easily with the simple drag and drop functionality.
• The configured settings can be imported or exported.
• It has automatic update mechanism which let you use the app without explicit maintenance.
• You can hide applications from the app drawer.
• You don’t need to root your device for installing FireStarter APK.
• It is possible to change the time of no action to make Fire TV wait turn into sleep.

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Download and Install FireStarter APK by below steps.

First of all download the FireStarter APK from the link given below.
Once you complete the downloading, you can install the APK via adbFire
• Sideload the FireStarter APK with ads.
• Write: ADB install -r FireStarter-v3.2.3.apk
• Start the FireStarter via ADB once else you can also do settings from the menu.
• Write: ADB shell am start -n “de.belu.firestarter/de.belu.firestarter.gui.MainActivity”
• Enable the ADB debugging after the installation.
• You are done to start enjoying the application.