Periscope APK

Periscope APK Free Download For Android and PC

Periscope APK Free Download

Periscope APK is the application by Twitter to serve live streaming. This application let you share your live video with others. You can also see others live streaming videos through periscope APK. With the launch of Periscope application, live streaming feature nailed mobile market. Periscope has a simple easy to use interface. Twitter kept Periscope interface much simpler. You can broadcast your videos and can explore videos from all around the globe. Also you can meet new people, know the breaking news, share your interest and all these will be ‘live.’ You can interact with people through the comments. You can search videos by the keyword or location. This app also has the replay option which let you watch missed videos. It has a privacy option which let you share your videos to your friend or follower secretly.

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Periscope APK

How to use Periscope APK

As mentioned earlier Periscope interface is easy to use, you can log in simply with your Twitter account. Once the login procedure completes, you can have a tour to Periscope features. This walkthrough will be the welcome screen for you. Once you finish this walkthrough, you will see feeds that are constantly refreshed and show Periscope’s streaming videos. You may come across the content which might be in a foreign language most of the time. Such content is quite interesting and keeps you engage also. As a Periscope user, you have the privilege to tweet a link to their live stream. You can also choose to make the video private or public. There is a feature which let you disallow comments also.

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Download and install Periscope APK

Get such amazing app on your device with a single click and the link below.

Once you finish downloading you can tap on Periscope APK. Now tap on the install button and you are done! Before starting broadcast of your live stream, you have to enable some permission which includes permission to access location, microphone, and camera.

Now you have to write a short paragraph describing yourself to your viewers. This description will be visible to all your viewers. Tap on the lock icon to turn your live stream private. You can also tweet that you are streaming live on Periscope.

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Enjoy Periscope APK features

You can view messages coming live when you are broadcasting your stream. You can also switch your cameras. After finishing your live stream you can see the analytics of the stream or can also save your live stream in your storage space. After completing the broadcast, your viewer can watch its replay. They can feedback with the comments up to 24 hours. After 24 hours this broadcast will be removed from your app. You can use Periscope app as a business point of view. It is also a good platform to showcase your skills. If you are a good speaker, Periscope app is the best for you. The intuitive and simple interface is the main feature of Periscope app. Start your broadcast!! its very easy as explained above. Just go live with this Periscope app by a sign in, watching and sending broadcasts.

Please click on the “download here” Link below to download the apk file.

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