POU APK Mod Download Free For Android [Latest Version]

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Pou Apk is an amazing in having cute graphics. This game has a recreation of a virtual pet with animation. Do you want to take care of own alien pet You are supposed an alien pet who is so cute who you will surely love. This cute alien pet loves to play, eat and get dragged up. While playing Pou Mod game, you have to help this pet in all its chores. You need to take care of him and see him growing in front of your eyes like a real pet. Dress him up by choosing dresses among the given wardrobe and play with him.

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In the game, you can see numerous miniature game titles. You can earn cash by helping your pet. With this earned cash you can purchase costumes for him. You can also buy decorations and modes of these sports can be setup by completing the miniature sport. It is all about taking care of simulated creatures. You have to log in with the consumer account with which you can save sport and again resume it with your convenience. The POU Mod APK is a portable game which can be changed from one system to another one. You can also play your game on others system by logging out of their account and logging in with your consumer account. To do this, it is mandatory that both the system have identical versions.


Pou game is available in Italian, Dutch, Catalan, English, Spanish, French, Chinese language, Arabic, Persian, Hungarian, Polish, Danish, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Korean, Slovak, German, Italian and Japanese.

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Features of POU Mod Apk

  1. You can play video games in Sports Room with which you can gather cash also.
  2. You can Customize Pou’s look as you like.
  3. There are new hats, outfits, and eyeglasses for the Pou.
  4. With the cash, you earned you can unlock Achievements and new gadgets.
  5. You can also play with your friends.
  6. Most amazing feature of Pou is it’s spoken and hear feature. You can speak to your Pou and can hear back again.
  7. With this APP you can customize wallpaper of your sports room.
  8. With this, you can feed your Pou.
  9. You can help Pou in its entire task and watch him grow.

Download and install Pou Apk

With the interesting graphics of Pou Apk, more than five million people have already downloaded it. You must be eagerly waiting to see Pou and play with him. Without wasting much time click on the link given below to start direct download. Clicking on the link, Pou Apk will get downloaded to your Android device. After completing downloading operation of Pou Apk, you have to open the downloaded file. You can see an install button after opening the Apk. You need to make sure that you have permitted download from unknown resources. Tap on the Install button to start the installation process. You will need a strong internet connection to log in and start playing the Pou game. While installing Pou Apk, it might ask for some access permission which you need to permit. Let’s start playing Pou game.

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